Happy Total Giovanni release day!

Our Melbourne brothers Total Giovanni are thrilled to release their forthcoming debut album Euphoria today via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records. 

A blend of  Balearic hedonism, classic punk funk and psychedelic washes, Euphoria feels like a sweaty dancefloor and tastes like the first burst of summer. Glistening singles 'Your Light', 'Comes In Waves', 'Awake' 'I See' each draw on the diverse inspirations that have influenced the making of Euphoria, where the Paradise Garage meets Madchester on the shores of the Mediterranean. 

Total Giovanni are a band that emerged out of the creative experimentation of five old friends Vachel SpirasonJulian RawendraJoe Charles, Dave Reidy and Matthew Hadley. The band's following has built quickly on the reputation for their unpredictable and incendiary live shows. In addition to displaying a unique musical rapport, these live shows involved visual experimentation and explosive physical performances that combined to set off a word-of-mouth phenomenon.

Purchase / Stream Euphoriahttps://totalgiovanni.lnk.to/euphoria

Catch the band on tour from next week, final tickets remaining for 2nd Melbourne show, Perth and Adelaide…


Luen Jacobs check in

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Aside from embarking on week-long hikes, rock hopping and trekking terrains across the Central & South America, she is also DJing in Peru and getting for an upcoming Oz Tour

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