Luke Million feels Giorgio's Love

Synth lord Luke Million kicks off the first in a monthly series of edits with "I Feel Giorgio's Love" - a tribute to Giorgio Moroder and the late, great Donna Summer. 

In Luke's own words... "'I Feel Love' is one of my absolute favourite tracks of all time. There are plenty of edits/remixes already out there, but I wanted to do something a little different and put a new spin on things. 

Only 4 bars of the original music containing the amazing Moog Modular synth bass line was used. The rest was built from scratch in my studio using a Korg MS-20, Roland SH2, Oberheim OB8, Solina String Machine and a Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus. 

I locked myself away for days, learning and replaying the ever so tasteful parts created by Giorgio. After trying 3 different vocoders I settled on the VP-330 which was to become the vocal element of this edit. No one can ever replace the amazingness of Donna Summer... I just like vocoders."

Don't miss a beat - listen here