Luke Million - Riders On The Storm (The Doors remake)

'Riders on The Storm' is the second in a monthly series of edits/remakes hosted on Luke Million's Soundcloud.

"Most teenage boys go through a Doors phase… I never grew out of it. My friends and I used to throw Doors parties with the Oliver Stone movie in the background whilst we listened to their records. The Doors 'Greatest Hits' was actually the first Vinyl I ever purchased."

"The keyboard work of Ray Manzarek was amazing and 'Riders on The Storm' was one of my favourite tracks. It features some serious tasty electric piano work. I have tried to stay true to the original by jumping behind a vintage EP, but I couldn’t resist adding Clavinet and sneaking in some Oberheim and Moog synths over a CR78 drum machine beat… and for my final touch, Jim has been reincarnated via the Vp-330 Vocoder."

Download the good stuff here