Ara Koufax release 'Market'

'Market' was born in the long wait for a cool change - a tribute to the time of year when you can leave home without a jacket and walk on warm, springy concrete all night.

Released by Cut Copy’s Cutters Records and championed by the likes of Tim Sweeney, Ara Koufax’s previous single Brenda seemed perfectly suited to welcome the sunrise.

On 'Market', the Melbourne-based duo (who also work together as Naysayer & Gilsun) step toward the peak of the evening; each pouring their individual loves into a house music mould.

Through the unhinged, improvisational sax work of Sam Mullaly (City Calm Down), Market unravels as a loving nod to Lil Louis and Jungle Wonz at their most anthemic. Coloured by dusty, overdriven chords and oaky percussion reminiscent of David Axelrod, the track’s edges are made to be reached for and felt in the dark.

The weather is perfect. Everyone is here and we’re all so happy to see you.

Rest in peace, Gerry Rafferty.